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Blackberry keypad, keyboard & buttons repair and diagnostic service. Evaluation & labor for Blackberry keyboard malfunction, buttons not clicking, un-responsive power keypad, keys not sensitive enough or keyboard is too sensitive (Does not include pa

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 Product Description

Blackberry keypad, buttons & keys repair

We fix most Blackberry keys, buttons and keyboard problems including:

The buttons on my Blackberry keypad don't click when I press them
My Blackberry keypad clicks when I press it but nothing comes up on the screen
My Blackberry keys are too sensitive, when I try to dial a number sometimes it puts the same number several times
I have to literally press the numbers on my Blackberry so hard for anything to come up on the screen that my fingers hurt

Don't worry, We can fix your Blackberry keypad, buttons or keyboard

The descriptions below may seem like they all simply need the defective keypad or button replaced, but the problem could be caused by other things. We recommend that you purchase this Repair Service and send us your Blackberry so that one of our factory trained technicians can diagnose your Blackberry and find the exact cause of the problem. Once that has been determined you will be contacted before we proceed with the repair of your Blackberry. Parts are not included with this service.

If your Blackberry has been exposed to any water, liquid or moisture no matter how small please be sure to choose the liquid damage cleaning option above. Moisture no matter how minor can oxidize and damage the components of any electronic item, so the sooner it is cleaned the better the chance of the unit working long term.

Blackberry keypad doesn't click If you don't feel the cushion bubbly feeling underneath the keypad anymore it usually means that the keyboard mylar has been worn out or damaged. Usually this happens when you are a very high user and text a lot or there is probably some kind of moisture damage beneath the keypad.

Blackberry keys click but nothing happens You feel the bump which clicks below the keypad but nothing comes up on the phone, meaning the numbers do not dial. This means that there is some kind of disconnect between the keypad and the rest of the phone. Usually these signals are sent through very tiny flex cables and one of them maybe damaged. This also happens over time from liquid or water damage and not necessarily dropping water on the phone but sweating on the Blackberry's keypad while talking for a long time or keeping the phone in your jogging shorts while exercising. These are all possible causes or it could be something simple like dirt or the flex cable came loose which is less likely.

Blackberry buttons are too sensitive My keypad buttons are too sensitive. On some of the numbers when I'm trying to dial it repeats the number several times. Sometimes it doesn't even stop the number gets stock and continues to be repeated and I have to take out my battery and reset the phone. This is definitely caused by a problem inside the phone. It could be that your keypad is so worn that it just has become too sensitive, but most likely some kind of moisture has found it's way under the keypad or on the components of the phone that control the keypad. Be sure to choose the water damage cleaning option if there is any chance of moisture inside the phone. This will expedite your order.

I have to press my Blackberry keypad so hard to get it dial that my fingers In this case obviously the keypad has almost completely lost it's functionality which means more than likely the keypad will have to be replaced.

You are paying for the evaluation and labor fee to repair your Blackberry keypad, keyboard, buttons and keys. This service does not include any replacement parts. If any parts are required to complete the repair of your Blackberry, you will be contacted by email and asked to purchase the part so that we may complete the repair. We cannot in good faith guarantee that your Blackberry is repairable without performing a full diagnostic on your phone. Once we receive and process your Blackberry into our system this fee will no longer be refundable.

Your Blackberry serial number is usually printed on a white, gray or black barcode label on the back of your Blackberry under the battery and may follow the letters ESN, WLAN, IMEI or MEID.

If you can not locate this number simply put a question mark in the required field.

ESN: 12345678912 (11 digits)
WLAN: 1234ABCDE5F6 (12 characters)
IMEI: 123456789123456 (15 Digits)
MEID: 123A456B789C123 (15 Characters)


Blackberry repair

Repairing your defective or broken Blackberry has never been easier. We understand how frustrating it is to be without your Blackberry for a day or two, let alone 3 to 4 weeks which is at a minimum how long it will take most Blackberry manufacturers to repair your Blackberry, if it meets their strict warranty guidelines.

We have tried to make the repair process as easy as possible. Simply follow the three steps listed below and your Blackberry will be on it's way to us for a full check-up and repair.

Step 1.) Go to our Blackberry repair section and choose the repair service which best describes the malfunction you are experiencing with your Blackberry.

Step 2.) Purchase and complete the checkout process by paying for the repair service.

Step 3.) Follow the mailing instructions and ship us your Blackberry.



You will be asked to pay for the diagnostic labor, repair service fee and return shipping of your Blackberry back to you during the checkout process.

Be sure to take advantage of the "Additional Information" box during checkout to explain any other details regarding the problem you are experiencing with your Blackberry. This will help expedite your Blackberry through the repair process.

Once your Blackberry is received and checked-in you will be notified by email. Your phone will be assigned to one of our highly qualified factory trained technicians within 24 hours and you will receive an update within 5 to 7 business days.

If any parts are required to complete the repair of your Blackberry, you will be contacted by email and given detailed instructions on how to purchase the part on our web site.

If no parts are necessary to complete the repair, then it will be repaired and shipped back to you.

If the damaged to your phone is not economically feasible to repair or your phone is deemed un-repairable, you will have two options:
1.) We can ship your Blackberry back to you at no additional charge,
2.) We can recycle your Blackberry and in place of your damaged phone, usually we offer a minimum $15 recycling coupon which you can use on our web site to purchase a replacement Blackberry or anything else you may like such as accessories or even other services.


We will keep you updated every step of the way. You will receive email updates throughout the Blackberry repair process, so please be sure to provide us with an updated email address which you will be checking often.  You may also check the status of your Blackberry repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our web site using the "order status" link.


packing Blackberry to ship

Preparing to ship your Blackberry

Send ONLY YOUR Blackberry. Do not include Charger, SIM card, battery, battery cover, SD card, stylus or any other accessories.

We can not guarantee the return of any accessories if sent with the phone.

Do NOT Ship your phone in the original box provided with the phone. The box and packaging used to ship us your Blackberry will be discarded.

As a precaution when shipping your handset to us for repair, we urge you to use a shipping carrier that offers the option of tracking and insurance on the package. CellularDR is not liable if the package is lost prior to reaching our facility. You have several options such as UPS, Fed Ex, USPS and many more. There are also many small shipping stores or you now have the option of shipping inside most Office Depot and Staples stores.

It is very unlikely but possible in some rare cases to lose the data in your phone during the repair process. We always recommend back-up of your Blackberry data and any third party software, including personal information such as phonebook contact list, pictures, text messages, ring tones, games etc…

If you do not have the means necessary to perform a backup of any important information stored on your phone, you may want to consider purchasing one of the data backup services with your repair service. You can find these services by clicking here.







Ship your Blackberry

Your order confirmation receipt is emailed to you immediately after the purchase of your repair service and includes your contact information along with the details of your purchase.

Please be sure to include a copy of your order confirmation with your phone.

Keep a copy of the order confirmation for your records and refer to the Order Number if you need to contact us for any reason. Also please make sure your order number is always included in any correspondence to us.

Ship your phone using a traceable method (UPS, Fed Ex, Airborne Express). If using U.S. Postal Service be sure that it can be traced and is insured. We will not be responsible for equipment lost or damaged during shipping. Your phone will be shipped back to you insured for the total amount of your repair service charge.

Ship your Blackberry to:
Attention: REPAIRS
6730 San Fernando Rd
Glendale, CA 91201

All Blackberry Repairs carry a limited 30 day warranty starting the day which the phone ships from our repair facility. This warranty is limited to the specific repair performed. Liquid damage, Tampering with the phone and abuse voids all warranty.

Be sure to include a printed copy of the Order Confirmation that we email you after checkout in the box along with your Blackberry.


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