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iPhone Touch Disease Problem and How To Fix It? (No Touch Fix, Multi-Touch Repair, Unresponsive Touch, Ghosting for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Plus)

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On November 17, 2016 Apple finally released a statement fessing up (well sort of!) to the big messy problem with the iPhone 6+ Plus which causes the touch screen function on the phone to stop working. Oh by the way they still haven't said anything about the iPhone 6 phones that are doing the same exact thing.

Basically in so many words they said that some of the iPhone 6+ Plus phones are exhibiting display flickering or multi-touch issues after being dropped multiple times on hard surfaces. And if your device is exhibiting these symptoms to contact them and they will repair it for $149.00. That's ridiculous, we will repair it for much less and fix it so that the problem doesn't return.

  1. Local Repair (Make a reservation to repair your phone at our facility)
  2. Nationwide Mail-in Repair (Send us your phone and we will repair it and send it back to you)
  3. How much does it cost?

First let's figure out how to determine if the problem you are experiencing is a phone defect and not something else.

  • Is your iPhone unresponsive to touch?
  • Does it have dead spots in different areas of the touch screen?
  • Does it flicker and have a gray bar across the top of the screen?
  • Is it ghosting, randomly triggering functions without anyone touching it?

If this sounds like your iPhone, then unfortunately your phone has the dreaded touch disease known to be affecting millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus phones. But let’s slow down and explain this for those who are not familiar with this problem.

What causes Touch Disease?

Touch Disease happens when the IC chips inside the phone responsible for the touch function start to partially disconnect. This can be linked to the phone bending, hard drops and moisture.

There are a ton of repair shops that just “repair” this issue by heating and applying pressure around the specific area where the IC chips are located, and to be fair sometimes this will bring the touch back but only for a very short time. This method of heating has been proven to be a very short-term solution and not to mention, risky, because it can seriously short out and damage the phone further.

We’ve even seen “how to videos” on YouTube telling people to apply some electrical tape or all kinds of other household items placing them on top of the chip and closing the phone and claiming that the phone is magically fixed. I’m here to tell you that none of these methods are going to last more than a week to a month and in the long run can actually damage your phone beyond the point of repair.

The proper way to repair the iPhone Touch Disease explained at the beginning of this video is by taking the old IC chips out and replacing them with brand new ones. This is NOT an easy task and takes a highly skilled technician to perform this correctly for long-term success. Additionally, many expensive micro soldering equipment and supplies are necessary to complete this repair which most households do not have and 90% of the repair shops out there don’t even have or know how to use properly.

Luckily CellularDR.com is your very best friend in this situation. Our highly skilled, factory trained technicians are happy to help get your phone back in working order and quickly. We offer the Touch Disease service, or rather “treatment”, that will remedy your situation quickly and efficiently! If you are in the local southern California area, you can simply bring the devise in to our state of the art repair center and we will take care of it. But don’t worry no matter where you reside we can help. Simply follow the instructions on our website to send your phone to us and we will repair it and send it back in a flash.

Still need more information? Here is a video of us performing this repair:


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