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Motorola V860, W845 Earpiece Speaker Assembly, Motorola Barrage, Quantico Headset Speaker with spring contacts
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Motorola V860, W845 Earpiece Speaker Assembly, Motorola Barrage, Quantico Headset Speaker with spring contacts

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Part #: 50009255001
Manufacturer: Motorola

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Verizon Barrage Earpiece Speaker Assembly

Motorola V860 Headset Speaker with Spring Contacts

Metro PCS / US Cellular Quantico Earpiece Speaker Assembly

Motorola W845 Headset Speaker with Spring Contacts

7 Product Reviews - Average rating 10 (Show All)

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Leon R - 05/12/2012

Fast service, well laid out web site and easy to get around it

Motorola Barrage V860

Darren C - 04/23/2012

These phones are used in a harsh environment where steel is processed. The metallic dust collects on the earpiece speaker magnets and prevents them from working. The replacements you provide are the perfect remedy and easy to install.

Motorola V860

Martin M - 12/29/2011

The part worked as expected and was easy to install.

Motorola V860

Fred l - 11/10/2011

Great service , fast & friendly . Phone works great . Thank you

Motorola V860 Barrage

Kathy N - 08/12/2011

Received the items promptly. I ordered (3) of these earpieces. I installed one and it did fix the issue of low audio volume. I installed another on a different phone and it didn\'t fix the low volume - there must be something more wrong with that phone...


William W - 01/27/2011

Received unit quickly and it works properly

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