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T-mobile Sensation 4G LCD Display Screen with Flex Cable, HTC PG58100 Sensation LCD Module with Flexible Ribbon Tmobile
Compatible Models: T-Mobile Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation 4G, Android Tmobile Sensation PG58100
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T-mobile Sensation 4G LCD Display Screen with Flex Cable, HTC PG58100 Sensation LCD Module with Flexible Ribbon Tmobile
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Part #: Sensation4GLCD
Manufacturer: HTC

List Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $99.95
(You Save $20.04)

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This is the lcd display screen located below the top glass. The way to know this is the correct part needed is if you cannot read or see the icons on the screen.

HTC PG58100 Sensation 4G LCD Display Module with Flex Ribbon

Android Tmobile Sensation LCD Display Screen with Flexible Cable

T-mobile Sensation 4G LCD Module with Flex Cable

HTC PG58100 LCD Display Screen with Flexible Ribbon

FCC ID: NM8PG58100
FCC ID: NM8PG58110
FCC ID: NM8PG58130

You are reviewing the product - T-mobile Sensation 4G LCD Display Screen with Flex Cable, HTC PG58100 Sensation LCD Module with Flexible Ribbon Tmobile
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