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HTC Sensation 4G Touch Screen Window Lens Glass with Flex Cable HTC Logo, HTC PG58100 Sensation Front Window Glass with Digitizer and Flexible Ribbon (Not compatible with T-mobile Version)
Compatible Models: T-Mobile Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation 4G, Android Tmobile Sensation PG58100
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HTC Sensation 4G Touch Screen Window Lens Glass with Flex Cable HTC Logo, HTC PG58100 Sensation Front Window Glass with Digitizer and Flexible Ribbon (Not compatible with T-mobile Version)
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Part #: Sensation4GDigitizerHTC
Manufacturer: HTC


List Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $79.95
(You Save $10.04)

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HTC PG58100 Sensation 4G Front Window Glass with Digitizer and Flex Ribbon

Android HTC Sensation Top Glass Touch Screen Digitizer with Flexible Cable

HTC Sensation 4G Front Window Glass with Digitizer and Flex Cable

HTC PG58100 Touch Screen WIndow Lenswith Flexible Ribbon

Not Compatible with T-mobile Version

PYD V1.0
E219454 1

FCC ID: NM8PG58100
FCC ID: NM8PG58110
FCC ID: NM8PG58130

You are reviewing the product - HTC Sensation 4G Touch Screen Window Lens Glass with Flex Cable HTC Logo, HTC PG58100 Sensation Front Window Glass with Digitizer and Flexible Ribbon (Not compatible with T-mobile Version)
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